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Queer Dean Month: Dean + favorite queer moments



Pleasantville (1998)


Let me tell you why I think this scene is so important.

When I first saw this scene, I thought, “Simon’s line is so out of character.”, because I remembered the scene in the pub. I remembered Simon’s look at Kieren when Kieren tried to calm the argument between Amy and Gary. I remember his eyes saying “Oh, really? You’re going to let him say that?”

So, obviously, this “leave it”, when you have this first scene in mind, is completely out of place.

But then I realised. Simon doesn’t want Kieren to stop fighting Gary. He is, most likely, happy to see Kieren standing up for himself. If it was anywhere else, at any other moment, Simon would have been glad to see that, probably would have backed Kieren up.

But this is Kieren’s house, he made Simon act “normal” for his parents. Simon knows all about the situation in Kieren’s home, the act he has to pull, the fragile balance that exists in the family.

And even though Simon firmly believes that what Kieren is doing is right, he doesn’t want to let it happen. He doesn’t want Kieren to blow the act, to risk scaring his family, losing it maybe. He wants to protect Kieren more than he wants to protect his beliefs.

There’s what he believes, and then there’s Kieren.


Went from comedic to real as fuck in like 2 seconds



These cats man
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This is the most metal cat I’ve seen. A goddess.

Let’s try to capture that elusive letter R.


You know what I just noticed?


Dean has evolved in when he allows himself to touch Cas. Usually, it tends to be Cas’ arm. In The Rapture, Dean’s arm hovers around Cas’ arm, as if to hold onto it, but perhaps not okay with the idea in his head, not open…

"He`s cute, ain`t he?"

So cute!